Thursday, August 4, 2011

postcard table shabby, distressed

 read SO many blogs that seem to start their post sounding so smart
 yet I sit here just not knowing what exactly to say.
 I'm the first to admit that I'm NOT a brilliant (and that's a stretch) writer.
 I tend to write like I speak. Sometimes, not very well, lol.
 So, when I sit here I think to myself.
"what would I say if Ms./Mr. Reader were sitting infront of me?"
 Then I just start typing and to me I sound like an idiot.
 Today is no different.
 I will just start by saying that this is a table re-do.
 What I do best.
 I picked up this lil' table at the shop about a month ago.
Apparently it had been there for awhile and never sold
 so they wanted me to re-finish it and re-list it.
 The moment I saw it, I saw a very primitive piece.
 Although, when I started the process it developed into something a lil' diferent.
 Yea, I'm ok with that.
 So, without sanding or priming it I painted it a soft white color.
 Because it wasn't sealed before, I wanted the color of the
 stain to come threw after distressing.
 Lots of beachy yummy-ness.
 But, of course it's going in a different direction. 
 So I found this awesome graphic from Graphics Fairy.
I enlarged it then did my technique of coloring the back with a pencil.
You can check out how I enlarge my images here.
Then I trace around everything which leaves the print on the table
and I use Elmer's paint pens in Black to color everything in.
 After some sanding and some Ralph Lauren Glaze in Smoke
 it's ready to be sealed with wax.
 Yup, I love how it turned out.
See, not too bad once I get it started : )