Friday, June 10, 2011

fabric covered mats

It's a wrap

Wrapping mats in fabric or paper is one of my favorite tricks for drawing more attention to artwork or freshening up an outdated mat.  With the artwork for our bedroom in mind, I hit pinterest looking for some inspiration:
wrapped in scrapbook paper
maps - love this! 
mixing up neutral fabrics adds interest, but keeps the look cohesive
 bold patterns!

And after finding all these beautiful, interesting choices online, I ended up using what I had.  {I probably realized I would do this before wasting all that time searching for ideas, but pinterest is addicting!}  

I started out with two thrifted frames with gosh-awful mats (think primary colors and bold, circus-like patterns).  Then I just followed Martha's instructions (loosely) and thirty minutes later ended up with my finished product.
still needs finishing touches as per these plans.....

Two of our favorite wedding photos - the church where we were married and an amazing shot our photographer captured of us leaving after the ceremony.

Wrapping the mats in fabric was super easy and definitely an improvement on the previous look.  It's a great {inexpensive} way to change up the look of artwork.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

map/canvas wall art

Ah Ha!  My son needed something on his wall in his room and since that is where I put the globe how about matching wall art! 
I went to Michaels and picked up a bunch of canvases at 40% off.  I spent 29.00 on all 12.  (yes, I admit the super thrifty side of me wishes it wasn’t that much….it would have sounded so much better to say I got all 12 for 5 bucks, but I can’t win them all.I don't know smile)  I traced around the canvas and cut out each rectangle.  The overall size was 31”x 50”

map canvas 001

                     (map was $2.00)
Next I spray painted the edges with a left over blue I had from this wine glass project.  I am a sucker for anything AGED looking so I spray painted some brown to the edges too.

map canvas 005

Once dry, I brushed on some glue and attached my cut out map pieces. 
map canvas 007
Once that dried (I turned them over to add some weight to the drying process) I wanted to age the edges just a little more so I took out my inking pad, or chalk pad, and “aged” the edges.  If you were really brave you could lightly sprayed some gold or brown spray paint on the corners to age it.  I also put a little brown glaze on the map itself to try to give it some more character.  I can’t decide if it was worth that extra step or not??  Anyway, once dry I came back and put Mod Podge over the top, quite thick,  and in criss cross strokes. 
VOILA!!!  Really, that wasn’t too hard.  Now I have a BIG piece of wall art for under 35.00! 

blk white color map
thickness map

(I bought that nice latter stand in the corner for 10 bucks! It has a storage drawer on the bottom too.)
Stay creative with me folks – even if you didn’t find a map at a thrift store you could take this same technique and make large canvas art.  I found this great tutorial on how to do that with printed scrapbook pages.  Just apply (glue) your photo to the canvas and cover with the mod podge.  It makes it look like a designer print on canvas.  The possibilities are endless.  How about cutting out a favorite fabric and applying that to the canvas? 

front view