Wednesday, March 9, 2011

antique finished corbels

I am going to give you the steps of how I created this chippy timeworn patina to these cheap corbels from Home Goods.

Let's start at the beginning. This is how they looked before I got started.

First thing I did was clean them good with Krud Kutter or you can use another brand like TSP. This gets all the grime off and cuts the shine. Then I brushed on white paint using Sherwin Williams creamy.

Next I used Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore mixed in Sherwin Williams paint. I dry brushed this on to give the look of wood. I originally was just going to make these look like wood, but I kept on going.

Third paint color is silvermist by Sherwin Williams and I just dry brushed this on in several spots. It is the gray looking color.

Fourth color is a by Decor Art. I used Elegant Finish metallic glaze in Renaissance Brown just dabbed on in spots that you can see here. Fifth color is Valspar Glaze in Mocha brushed all over this and then I wiped a lot of it back off. 

Here is where I didn't leave it alone. It was fine, but I wanted it to really look like a French antique piece from many years ago. I dabbed globs of spackling paste all over and let it dry over night. I got this idea from my friend Sherry at No Minimalist Here blog when she did this to a pair of candlesticks and I loved the look.

After the spackling was dry I mixed the color Seal(black) by SW with glaze and brushed it all over to age this and then dabbed some back off not to rub the spackle off.

Next was some rub in buff in Patina added with my finger in a few spots. Patina is the aqua colored spots. Then I decided to put a few spots of gold back to make it look like it used to be that color long time ago and was showing through the aged layers. I used  some gold metallic paint in a little tiny model paint bottle and a little brush and brushed it on in a few places.

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