Wednesday, March 9, 2011

modge podge on canvas

I made this canvas art myself using some very inexpensive items.

Here's what I used...

1. A canvas picture from the dollar store
2. Napkins from the Marshall's store 
3. Mod Podge 
4. Gel glaze
5. White paint 

Here's what I started with - a canvas art from the dollar store.

I painted the canvas white first one direction, and then the opposite direction after the first coat dried to give it a canvas-like texture.

After the painted dried completely, I gave the entire surface a coat of glaze.  You can see how it adds texture.

I then took one of the napkins 
and separated the layers....leaving only the outside layer.

The next step was to apply Mod Podge to the canvas.

I then applied the napkin to the canvas, (I left a few wrinkles in the napkin to give it a more aged look) allowing it to dry completely.  After it was dry, I then applied 2 more coats of mod podge, brushing in different directions to give a canvas like look. 

After the final coat of mod podge was dry,
I applied another layer of glaze giving it an aged look.

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